I know Monique Rossen and I have witnessed her evolution in the world of photography. What she shows us in this book is a very pure distillate of passion, technique, vision and love for what she does. Each photo, which is accompanied by a beautiful poem in English and Spanish, reaches the heart directly where it leaves a beauty and rapture that, as is said in the beginning of the book, “makes the soul grow wings”.
Many kisses

Fernando Alvarez-Ude Cotera

The images and words call to awaken a sleeping and half forgotten being that lingers deep inside of me. The book is soulful and true, hitting me in just the right spots – ones I didn’t even know I had.

Inspiring, a reminder, a consolation.

Johannes Manuel Ziskoven

I am ecstatic at the beauty of your book, both for its visual art and the beauty of its poems. You have achieved a perfect and beautiful marriage between the beautiful poems and the beautiful art. Thank you so much and that other books of the same beauty may come. The book is a true nutrition, your work is Wonderful !!!!!
With gratitude and love. 

Vânia Azamor

Monique Rossen is a photographer, a lover of nature, and one whose love of poetry has led her onto a path of profound significance, and gifted her insights that are now in a form that we can all share : The Land of Peace – Tierra de Paz, named thus, a bilingual book, in English and Spanish, that is the result of an intense process of inner growth. The land within, begins to reflect the land without. ”


… It is timeless, and therein lies its merit. In photography, worlds get created through the vision of the photographer and then the one whose eye catches an the images, is able to feel the vision, its texture, and a connection happens. I have felt it repeatedly. Photography is a means of expression, much like poetry, dance and pottery, calligraphy and sculpture- the list is endless; Monique’s is her inner vision, interconnected to her lens.


Kamalini Natesan

Your book is poetic, the images of nature’s beauty and power, the comforting words of the poems and the combination of these makes your book soothing and healing for the soul.

Karin Frigge